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Version 2.0

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The Ilisarniq typeface family was designed for the Kativik School Board, the only school board of Nunavik, which was created in 1975 under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. The education programs developed by the school board are offered in all schools of the 14 Nunavik communities, in Inuktitut as first language and in French and English as second languages. The school board operates 17 primary and secondary schools as well as 5 adult education centers all over Nunavik.

The goal was to create a modern and clean looking typeface that incorporates both the Latin alphabet and the Inuktitut Syllabics characters. The typeface family has been developed with the help of the board and the community to make sure its readability was optimal. The design has also been optimized to make sure that the color of text was similar between the two scripts, as they are often used side by side.

The result is this typeface family in 10 styles and two scripts that offers a distinct flavor to the school board’s communication and identity. Thanks to the Kativik School Board, the family is freely available to make the access to quality Inuktitut Syllabics typefaces easier than ever before.

*This typeface family prioritizes the Inuktitut syllabics spacing. This means that all the latin characters are kerned with the space character because the word space is larger to perform better in syllabics typesetting. If you use this typeface family with kerning activated, you should see no difference. However, if you use this typeface in an environnement where kerning is not supported, the word space will look larger than intended.

**The Nunavik forms are used by default. If you want to access the Nunavut forms, you can either activate the "Stylistic Alternates" or "Stylistic Set 01" OpenType features.