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Baryton is a typeface inspired by the beautiful Century Bartuska released by Photo-Lettering Inc. in the seventies. This typeface with exaggerated features took advantage of the tight typesetting possibilities newly available at the time thanks to phototypesetting technology. This hommage to Frank Bartuska's design expands on his idea while also allowing us to add our own personal touch to it as well as create a new cursive italic style to use along with the regular roman one.

This typeface wants to be displayed at very large sizes. Zooming in on the letterforms shows all the attention to detail that was put into its drawing. All the corners are actually smooth, there are subtle inflexions and variations in thickness all around the letterforms. Its swelling serifs and their unusual width give a lot of personality to the characters in a style that usually isn't associated with display typefaces. It oozes elegance, yet remains very playful and contemporary.

Typeface Design

  • Étienne Aubert Bonn
    My-Lan Thuong


  • Catherine Potvin

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  • 75.00
  • 75.00


Who are the fonts used for?

We license our fonts to the person or company that benefits from them. If you are a design studio, the Licensee would be your client. If you are a company working on your own brand, you are the Licensee. Make sure you understand who the licensee is by reading this short text.


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Roberto Lopez
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