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This typeface duo takes inspiration from the classical Roman carved letters. 

FORVM Lineal is closer to very early examples of Roman letterforms, where contrast was almost non-existent and terminals were very open. There are a few alternate characters that also bring back the curviness of these classic letters that were still very close to their Greek ancestors. Of course, there would have been no lowercase letters back then. Trying to capture the essence of the curvy capitals in the lowercase has been the main challenge here. The result is a lowercase that has a lot of movement and flow.

FORVM Roman is based on later styles of Roman carved letters. This one embraces contrast but tries to keep the serifs a bit more subtle than examples like the Trajan column inscription, approaching them more like flared endings. This gives it a robust and classical look but injects a touch of modernity into it. Again, lowercase isn't usually associated with this style but it feels at home here, more planted and stable.

These contrast well when used together and their shared variation in proportions respond to one another. A perfect duo from inspirations that are centuries apart.

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  • Étienne Aubert Bonn

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